Artificial Intelligence For Good

AI In Internet Of Things And Healthcare  Applications

is an AI for good company that utilises the potential of artificial intelligence to improve research methodologies and to develop ethical intelligent products that can lead to a democratisation of AI technologies and make a positive impact on our society.

We Are The Official Partner Of The
National Yang Ming University Within The AI Health Initiative

Within our collaboration we are developing  AI IOT Applications 


The pill bottle is the first part of the initiative in which we will use sensor data and pattern recognition to monitor patient medication intake. This way the pill bottle will be able to remind a patient to take their medicine by using audio and visual feedback. The data can also be used to monitor and predict the progression of dementia,

The Living Lab

The living lab will build on the pill bottle infrastructure. The idea of the living lab is to create a smart hospital environment in which a sensor based AI driven environment enhances every aspect within the hospital. To achieve this we will create an extended sensor network that can monitor the hospital and use neuronal nets to predict future states, do risk assessment and act in intelligent ways.

 Is part of the Aiforgood.aisia Initiative